A Tech Integrationist has responsibility (formally or informally) for helping other teachers integrate technology in their classrooms. This extended professional development program will run from August 2014 to June 2015 with 60 hours of training that includes face-to-face training, online forums and sharing, individual onsite coaching and opportunities to present at conferences and meetings.  

Participants in this program will learn and practice:  

  • effective models of technology integration
  • inquiry-based, student-centered learning models
  • strategies for working with teachers on integrating technology
  • opportunities to facilitate change in their school
  • ways to share experiences with other integrationists
Ten month program includes:

  • two opening face-to-face trainings on August 14 and 15
  • three additional face-to-face training days
    • November 5
    • February 27
    • May 21 
  • seven 1-hour coaching sessions either face-to-face or video
  • one day school site visit to observe integration activities
  • one day of attendance at TIES 2013 conference
  • online discussions and sharing.